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The Story of

L’Avenir de Louis began in the little country of Haiti, there a farmer’s daughters discovered out of necessity, how to make clothes for her family, with time her creativity blossomed as well as her skills. This farmer’s daughter passed her knowledge of garment making down to her children one of them being Jude-Hadley. His long lanky structure, along with his unusual sense of dress; lead him to fall in love with the idea of designing his own garments. In the midst of a pandemic, Jude-Hadley’s professional soccer career found itself on an indeterminate hold. It was at this moment he decided to lay one dream to rest in pursuit of his dream of dressing the world in his image. In the workshop behind his mother’s house Jude-Hadley began pouring his mind into the art of couture through L’Avenir de Louis and earning a MFA in fashion design.


L’Avenir de Louis twists the combination of traditional and unorthodox methods of design, construction, and styling, to bring forth garments that are refreshing, captivating, and unique. In a domain where people feel disconnected to things that they interact with daily, L’Avenir finds the inspiration and motivation to not only understand but love what goes on your body.

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