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A Change of Pace

After have lived a good portion of my life in Kentucky. The question is always brought up why would you leave. For some people it's very important for them to be where their friends, family, and familiar culture is. To them I say great. But I'm on a different path. My family and closest friends do indeed live in Kentucky. What they have come to understand is that in order to have a major impact you must have a major audience. The bluegrass state was a good place to figure out myself and what I wanted in life. But it wasn't the place to build a future where fashion is central.

This brings us to the second question. "Why San Francisco? Why not Paris, New York, or Italy?" For me and L'Avenir that boils down to balancing opportunity to what I'm going to call the outsider effect. The outsider effect is formed when someone or something is doing something out of the norm, people can either 1: be intrigued by and embrace the difference to the normal community. 2: feel indifferent and allow the difference to co-exist in its own space in the community. 3: feel as if the difference is a threat and try to suppress it from with in the community. San Francisco host an abondance of opportunity for artist to have a platform. In the sense of fashion while the culture here is far for fashion driven. There is an appreciation for it. People here are willing to learn more about it. Many open to new styles. This shows when I get dressed and I leave my privacy to enter the city. While the people here consistently consider me to be over dressed, they engage in conversation over fashion. An intrerest is in that moment sparked. My job as a designer is to kindle that spark and be the catalyst of image, wonder, and what can be. This is what I've come to do. The aim is the world, but I must start here. In the words of Lee Alexander McQueen "Give Me Time & I'll Give You A Revolution."


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